Travel Agency in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon

Welcome to SPM EASY STAY!


The specialist of trip organization in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. Because Saint-Pierre & Miquelon deserve offering an authentic and quality lodging to its visitors, SPM EASY STAY was born in December 2017.

For your short stays, holidays or business trips, finding a home away from home where life feels good is our priority. As Saint-Pierre & Miquelon is an archipelago, our desire is to provide all the services that can facilitate your stay in addition to accommodations.

You want to :     

  • find cultural and sport activities,
  • visit Saint-Pierre & Newfoundland,
  • take a flight to Canada or Paris,
  • rent a car to move freely,

We are available to organize your stay in Saint Pierre & Miquelon. Make your own trip and personalize your stay according to your needs and desires.

What would you prefer ?    

  •  Organize your stay yourself: all services can be booked online on our website SPM EASY STAY
  • Let us take care of your trip from A to Z: contact by email, we will call you back

Our priority: to turn your trip to Saint-Pierre & Miquelon into an unforgettable and warm stay, turned towards nature and discoveries.

Come discover the unusual nature of the archipelago of Saint Pierre & Miquelon. More than a rental platform, SPM Easy Stay is your passport to a successful immersion into our islands.


Where does the SPM EASY STAY idea come from?


The idea arose from a lack of alternative offers to the classic hotel. Families of the inhabitants of Saint Pierre & Miquelon often come visit their families and discover the archipelago for several weeks. However, they could not find accommodations at attractive rates. Also, businesse travelers on assignment often find it difficult to find accommodations during periods that do not meet the criteria of conventional leasing. However, these periods are too long to stay at the hotel. Simplicity is also one of the main reasons for the birth of SPM EASY STAY.

Easy booking.

Simplified organization.

Direct contact, fast and warm.

SPM EASY STAY adapts to your needs because our website is so much more than an online booking platform. It is a website created and managed by a resident of Saint Pierre & Miquelon. As SPM EASY STAY wants to be accessible, she welcomes you on your arrival if you wish.



Hello, I’m Marion Ughetto! Born in France and polyglot, I settled in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon in 2009. Living with a native of the archipelago, I fell in love with these exceptionnal islands.

It is often said that one does not become islander if one is not born on the island. It’s wrong ! I feel at home here and I teach my children to be proud of their history, of their islands.

After spending years working for non-profit organizations to help people in difficulty, I decided to help otherwise :

  • Help discovering our archipelago and our culture;     
  • Simplify the often complicated organization of a stay abroad;   
  • Promote our local crafts and gastronomy.

To honor this new vision of tourism in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, we received the Tourism and Innovation Award from the FIER SPM network, and the FCE network (Woman Entrepreneurs) is part of our support for the first hours.

So, do you want to visite this very special part of France on the other side of the world?  Contact Us 

A beautiful story, an unforgettable memory often start with a desire to go for the unknown. SPM EASY STAY is your gateway to a change of scenery. Come and visit us.

Marion UGHETTO, Chairwoman